Monday, June 20, 2011

Tough questions for Austell woman about pit bulls

By Bernard Watson, from CBS Atlanta

Mark Pendleton said his dogs, Jersey and Moose, are like prisoners in their home. He said they are too scared to go outside after a run-in with his neighbor's dogs.
"My neighbor's pit bull charged my fence, broke my fence then grabbed my dog's arm and proceeding to chew his foot off," said Pendleton, an Austell homeowner.
Pendleton said he rushed Moose to the vet for emergency treatment.
"We call him three toes now because he had two of them amputated," said Pendleton. "I called animal control, they came out the next day and issued my neighbor a citation for having a vicious animal, but it was reduced to a warning in court."
Pendleton said he was never notiifed about the court proceedings, so he never had a chance tell his side of the story.
"I've got $1,300 in vet bills, a new fence I had to put up is $1,200, I had to spend $400 to have a survey done, and none of that would have happened if she would have built a fence," Pendleton said.
CBS Atlanta took our Tough Questions to the house next door, but the person who answered the door declined to answer our questions.
There is a gap between Pendleton's fence and his neighbors, and Pendleton said that is a danger to the neighborhood
"We have spent a lot of time and money back here so we could have our family over and grandsons and it's not a safe environment now," said Pendleton.


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