Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Webb City council grants extension for pit bull owners

By Andra Bryan Stefanoni, The Joplin Globe

The City Council on Monday night amended its newly approved pit bull ban to establish a grace period for current residents or those now moving to the city.

The new ordinance provides an extension through 5 p.m. July 12 for residents to register their pit bulls. After that, no pit bulls will be allowed in the town.

After the ordinance was adopted on June 13, city leaders had discussed concerns that some residents might not have been aware of the requirement that they register their pit bulls. The earlier ordinance made it unlawful for anyone to have an unregistered pit bull in the city as soon as that ordinance was adopted.

The penalty for violating the ordinance is a fine of $200 to $500.

Councilmen Jerry Fisher and Don Darby requested that the ordinance be placed back on the council agenda so the extension could be added.

Pet owners seeking to register their pit bulls must provide proof of vaccinations including those for rabies and distemper. The cost for registration, good for one year, is $5. If the pet owner can provide proof that the animal has been spayed or neutered, the cost for registration is 50 cents.

Once an animal is registered with the city, the owner must renew the registration each year on June 1.

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