Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When is enough, enough?

I've just read, with profound anger, sorrow, and disgust, about seven-year old Javon Roberson, attacked and critically injured while playing on the swings AT A CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND in East Savannah by two "pit bulls."
I would hope that most who follow my blogs and social media can sense and understand how much I love my dogs, as well as dogs and animals in general. I would, literally and figuratively, fight to the death in order to protect my dogs.
If you go to websites such as, whether you think it biased or not, you can see the FAR TOO MANY tragic incidences by pit bull-type and non-pit bull-type breeds, alike.
According to the latest report by Merritt Clifton, posted here yesterday, in a period just ninety days shy of 30 years, 4,131 dogs have been involved in fatal and disfiguring attacks on 1,609 children and 981 adults in the U.S. and Canada. The results: 410 dead, 1,814 disfigured.
Mr. Clifton's report goes on to state that of  the 4,131 attacking dogs, 1,920 were pit bulls.
Some pit bull advocates will continue to call to attention the fact that this study is a product of media reports and therefor inaccurate as to the dog's breed, among other arguments and threat-filled rhetoric.
Some pit bull 'haters' will continue to use this study to suggest banning the breed or advocating for breed-specific legislation, among other arguments and insult-fests.
Meanwhile, today the total number of attacking dogs continues to rise along with the number of victims.
We need laws that enact severe penalties against offending dog owners, and we need tough laws put in place that would have had the ability to stop 4,133 attacking dogs, not just 1,922.
The laws in Mississippi's 2011 SB 2775 are a great starting point.
We have failed Javon Roberson and the almost countless other dog attack victims before him.
We need to do this NOW. Everywhere. For the people's safety and for the safety of our dogs. All of our dogs.
Then we can go back to calling each other out on our ignorance, intelligence, and penis sizes.

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