Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ada County deputy shoots pit bull that charged him

From KHQ

Ada County officials say a sheriff's deputy responding to a report that two dogs had cornered a boy shot a pit bull terrier that charged him.
The department says a Meridian-area homeowner reported her teenage nephew was cornered by dogs she believed were pit bulls. The teen got away from the dogs.
A responding deputy was standing by his patrol car when 1 of the dogs ran around the back of the car and ran at the deputy. A witness said the deputy "had no other options" than shooting the dog.
The Idaho Statesman reports animal control responded and was eventually able to get the second dog contained. The sheriff's department says the owner will be cited for having a dog at large.

Update July 27, 2011 - The following article is by Natalie Podgorski, KTVB:
Deputy shoots dog in Meridian neighborhood

An animal trouble call ends with a deputy shooting one dog in a Meridian neighborhood.
It all started with two dogs chasing several kids on Carbondale Street Tuesday night.
Ada County Sheriff's deputies came to help. But when one of the dogs ran toward the deputy, he shot it.
A lot of people in this neighborhood said the dogs chased them Tuesday. One teenager said he had to jump a fence to keep the dogs from attacking him.
Neighbors described the dogs as pit bulls. A group of four boys said they were chased while riding their bikes.
One girl was walking alone when she says the dogs came after her. Everyone we talked to said the dogs were growling and barking at them.
"I was so frightened that I just didn't want to look back, I thought they were coming after me," said Raven Wells.
"I go up the road to see what was going on and I make it about halfway down that hill when they started, barreled around that corner after me, so I run into my neighbor's yard and I get the cops on the phone,"  said Robert Moore.
Deputies started looking for the dogs around 9:30 p.m.
Andrea Dearden with the Ada County Sheriff's Office says at that point one of the dogs came running toward one of deputies. He shot the dog because he was worried about his safety.
Robert Moore was in the area and says the dog charged the deputy. He thinks if the officer had not fired the officer would have been hurt by the dog.
Animal control was able to catch the other dog. It is being kept at the Humane Society until the owners can pick it up.
Dearden says the deputy’s actions will be reviewed on multiple levels.
She also says the owner of the dogs will be issued a citation for allowing them to run around the neighborhood.

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