Friday, July 1, 2011

After Pit Bull Attack, County's Top Biters By Breed Ranked


Animal rescue groups say pit bulls are being unfairly characterized in the media, in the aftermath of the pit bull attack that nearly killed a Paradise Hills woman.
On June 18, the dogs belonging to Alba and Carla Cornelio escaped into the Mendoza family's backyard. The pit bulls viciously attacked Emako Mendoza, causing her left leg and left arm to be amputated.
Darlene White says while the event is tragic, the blame cannot be on the animals. It is the owner's responsibility.
"I think blaming a dog for an attack like this of any breed is like blaming a car for a drunken driving accident," White said.
White handles thousands of dogs up for adoption and points to the media for the unfair spotlight on pit bulls.
"I have taken over 3,500 pets on TV in the last 12 years. The majority of those dogs have been pit bulls or pit bull mixes. I have never been bit once," White said.
She believes spaying and neutering will control the animals. The pit bulls that attacked Emako were not spayed.
Both have since been euthanized and Emako's husband just hopes his wife survives.
"I know she's going to spend a long time in the hospital and rehab before they even let her come home. The injuries she's got, she's going to be there a long time," said Emako's husband, James Mendoza.
The Department of Animal Services shows from July 2010 to June 2011, there were 384 bites reported from pit bulls. Labrador retrievers come in second with nearly 200. That is followed by chihuahuas with 174, German shepherds with 133, and terriers with 89.
Click here to see"San Diego County's Top 10 Biters By Dog Breed."
Alba and Carla Cornelio face several charges, including two felony charges of having an animal that caused serious injury. Carla bailed out of jail Thursday night. Alba is still in custody on an immigration hold.

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