Monday, July 11, 2011

Battle Ground family says pit bull mauled their terrier


A Battle Ground, Wash., family said they had to euthanize their 2-year-old terrier after it was mauled by a pit bull.
Brandy Dickson said she and her 7-year-old son were walking their dog, Bella, near their home Friday evening.
She said the pit bull somehow escaped from a fenced yard near Southeast Second Avenue and Seventh Street and then the dog latched onto Bella.
"She just came out and got her. It was horrible," Dickson said. "It was like watching a rag doll being shook."
Dickson said the attack was unprovoked. She said they tried to intervene, but were afraid the pit bull might attack them. She said a man who was driving by, saw the mauling, stopped and scared off the dog.
The family took Bella to their veterinarian, who recommended the terrier mix be euthanized due to the severity of her injuries, which included a severed spine and punctured spleen.
"When the vet comes and says they can't do anything for you and you have to sit there and watch them put your dog down, it's mortifying," Dickson said.
Bella's owners have been in contact with the pit bull's owner, who they said has been very apologetic. The dog's owner has also offered to pay for the Dickson's vet bill.
Battleground police said a code enforcement officer is investigating the attack. If the dog is deemed dangerous, the owner would have to take special precautions to keep the animal confined.

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