Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Boscoz burger bonanza

From Martinez News-Gazette

The outstretched line along the sidewalk adjacent to 1500 Pacheco Blvd. on Friday is a good indication that the Davis family will have no trouble recouping their investment in the former Foster’s Freeze location.
Dennis Davis, owner of J & D Custom Embroidery and father of the late, beloved Martinez teen motorcyclist Ben Davis, named his new establishment after the family’s pit bull Bosco; hence Boscoz Burgerz.
Friday was opening day for the Boscoz crew, a major milestone after months of frustrating twists and turns Davis encountered in his effort to totally rehab the building after he decided to act on his desire to purchase the location and restore it to its former glory.
The menu will remain similar to what it’s always been – hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries and self-serve soft ice cream.
For over 60 years, the building at the corner of Pacheco and Haven was home to one of California’s first Foster’s Freeze locations and a legendary gathering spot for local teenagers.
During the lunch rush, the Gazette took an informal poll of customers’ response to the menu’s offerings.
“It’s awesome,” cried a group of workers from Carlos Auto Repair, who had heard about Boscoz opening day through “word of mouth.”
Two Ace Hardware employees echoed the sentiment through nods, as their mouths were full. “It’s very good,” said one as he finished his bite and took a swig of milkshake, while the other said the food was “fantastic. Just like the good old days.”

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