Friday, July 8, 2011

Dog Attacks Two-Year-Old Boy

By John Pless, WTVC

A two-year-old Hamilton County boy is recovering from deep cuts and tears to his face after being bitten by a dog.
His grandmother, Denise Brock,  called us saying the dog's owner tried to hide it from authorities.
It's a sad story from all angles. Brock said "Mo" was rescued from an abusive situation years ago but snapped at her grandson last Sunday. It's the events during the last two days that got Brock to call us.
No one answered the door at a Hixson apartment on Baywood Drive that we visited Friday, despite someone peeping from behind the curtains. It's where two-year-old Evan Hall lives with his mother and biological father. It's also where "Mo," a pit bull terrier, and his owner have been "staying" recently.
Brock said last Sunday "Mo" snapped at Evan's face.
"He was petting it, along the backside, and it just turned around and grabbed his face," Brock said.
Brock shared some of the pictures of her grandson that she took. Evan has a big gash over an eye brow, around his mouth, and an infection that settled into one of the wounds.
Brock said doctors at T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital wanted to get samples from "Mo" to find out what kind of infection it is but the dog has been kept away from the apartment and authorities.
"The owner knew that he had come from an abused background and she knew he shouldn't be around children and she had cautioned my daughter and the father of the child," Brock explained.
Brock said no one notified police or made a report of the incident and it appeared to her that the owner tried to hide "Mo." So she called 911 and met a Hamilton County Sheriff's Office deputy yesterday near her daughter's apartment.
"They kept her at the scene and had animal control come out and pick up the dog," Brock said. "I understand with it being a pet and being sad, but I offered to help her try to find some kind of pit bull rescue."
Being a rescue several years ago, we found "Mo" Friday shivering and appearing frightened in a quarantine unit at the Hamilton County Humane Educational Society.
The incident is now under investigation as Evan recovers from plastic surgery.
"Hopefully with everyone's prayers and good positive thoughts and the care he's getting at this time he will recover," Brock said.
Brock said now that she's filed a report she would like "Mo's" owner to be charged. That will be up to investigators.
Meanwhile, "Mo" is scheduled to be put down next week after 10-days of surveillance for disease.

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