Friday, July 8, 2011

Dog Stolen From Boy Who Lost Dad To Illness

By Melissa Moon, WREG

A Memphis boy still struggling with the death of his father several years ago is now dealing with the loss of puppy, snatched from his yard by dog nappers.

"Whenever I would come home from school he would forget whatever he was doing and he would come up to me. I really miss that," said Nathan Nowell.

Cyndi Nowell says her son's dog Yogi, a pit bull/bull dog mix, had only been in their backyard about five minutes when two guys drove up next to their home on Macon, grabbed the puppy and drove off with him.

She thinks they had been casing her house and says a neighbor saw it all.

"It's hard to to explain to him why someone would do this because I don't understand," said Cyndi.

She says her son is still struggling with the death of his father to an illness five years ago and his dogs, all four of them, have been his constant comfort.

"They are his best friends. He's had terrible nightmares and trouble sleeping since his dad died and with his dogs sleeping with him it helps. It makes them feel safer," said Cyndi.

Since thieves took Yogi, the family has plastered the neighborhood with posters, turned to social networking sites to get the word out and even raised a $2,000 reward.

Much of the money has come from complete strangers.

The Nowells say no questions asked-- they just want Yogi back.

"They just tore this family apart. I mean he's like a puzzle piece to our family and it's the only missing piece," said Nathan.

Despite all the bad, Nathan and his mom have also learned there are still a lot good people out there who want to help.

"It's crazy that strangers are donating money to try and help Nathan and Yogi get back together," said Cyndi.

Neighbors say the dog nappers left the house in a white 2002 Maxima.

The dog has blue markings and one solid ear and one with a white stripe.

If you know anything call (901) 683-4973.!/groups/176469035744950

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