Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dog survives pitbull attack at northeast park

From CTV

By-law officers are looking for the owner of a tan pitbull who attacked a small dog at Prairie Winds park.
On the afternoon of Friday, July 15, John Day and his wife took their two dogs for a walk in the northeast park.
The Day's were startled by yelling from two young men,  as an unleashed pitbull charged towards them and their dogs.
They were able to pick up the smaller of their two dogs, but the pitbull locked its teeth around the neck of Rocky, a fox-terrier cross.  During the attack, the owner indicated his dog was a red-nosed purebred pitbull.
The pitbull's handlers had to physically attack their own dog in order to force its jaw to release.  
Rocky suffered large lacerations around his neck, with one hole just missing his jugular vein.
The men would not give their names or phone numbers to the Day's and left the scene.
Rocky was treated overnight by veterinarians and has since been released to his owners.
The Day's are left with a large bill for the veterinary services.
The two young men are described as both being:

  • Between 5'7" and 5'9"
  • Approximately 18-25-years-old
  • Both having long chin length hair 
    Anyone with information on the attack is asked to contact the City of Calgary Animal Bylaw Services at 403-268-2489 or visit the CTV Calgary Newstip website.

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