Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jogger survives dog attack in Pontotoc Co.

By Jennifer Sanders, KXII

An Oklahoma man says he's lucky to be alive after a vicious pack of dogs attacked him for nearly an hour.
Everyday, Daniel Murray runs eight miles along this two lane stretch in Stonewall, Oklahoma.
"I got into running because four years ago next month my 17 year-old son was killed in an automobile accident and now I run in memory of him,"said Murray.
He's lost more than 100 pounds and has even qualified for the Boston marathon. But on July 8, his routine morning run turned into a near deadly nightmare when six vicious dogs brutally attacked not once but five times.
"When they attacked me the second, third, fourth and fifth times I realized I was fighting for my life and I felt like I really was," said Murray.
The six vicious dogs, including a mixed breed pit bull ripped into his flesh pulling away chunks of his skin with their sharp teeth.
And even though Murray was surrounded by the dogs -- in a pool of his own blood -- he fought back.
"When one of them would come at me from the front I'd bend down to try to sweep it off with my pocket knife, another one would grab me from behind,"said Murray.
Here's a picture of one of the dogs (see video) he cut with his pocketknife and after several minutes of being brutally attacked -- a stranger saw what was going on and pulled up to help.
"I heard the dogs barking and I rushed over this way and I noticed they were attacking him so I pulled up alongside of him and he said can you help me can that really scared me,"said Jennifer Sweet.
Sweet is the woman Murray credits with saving his life.
As soon as she saw the dog attack she called for help -- and followed Murray in her car in an attempt to scare the dogs away.
"I didn't want to get in her car because I was covered in sweat and blood and I didn't want to open the door because these dogs were crazy," said Murray.
So he jumped on the hood of her car -- and they sped off -- but the dogs were still trying to chase him --
"Those dogs chased us for four blocks and then I finally said I think the dogs have quit coming after us,"said Murray.
"We located the dogs and talked to the owner and explained what happened and said the dogs have to be quarantined for 10 days," said Chief Jason Teel.
Stonewall police quickly caught the dogs and after the mandated quarantine the dogs were put down this afternoon. Murray praises the officers for their quick response -- and thanks Jennifer for saving his life.
"She's my hero, she didn't let her fear stop her from getting involved in whatever way she could," said Murray.


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