Saturday, July 30, 2011

Miracle Pit Bull Helps Save a Life

By Craig Huckerby, Local 2

When most people think about Pit Bulls, they think of a vicious breed of dog that is prone to attacking people and other pets. That prompted the Ontario Government to ban the breed in Ontario about 5 years ago after a serious of media reported attacks

But vicious is the last thing you think of when hearing this story of a Pit Bull that has been nick named, Faith

On July 23, a Brantford Ontario woman was on her way home according to a published story on when she passed out as a result of a rare heart condition the woman suffers from.

As Kalena Mallon laying unconscious on the busy road just three house down from her home, no one came to the aid of the woman, no one except a Pit Bull who mysteriously came out of nowhere.

The Pit Bull ran out onto the road.

The Pit Bull guarded over the woman as busy traffic rolled by. The dog was also barking at cars that threatened to hit the woman.

Honking horns alerted Mallon's husband to see what was happening when he noticed his wife being guarded by the dog. He rushed out the door and carried the woman home. The Pit Bull followed.

The woman's husband administered medication that worked quickly and survived.

With the immediate danger out of the way, the couple went house to house on the street in hopes of finding the owners of the animal.

In Ontario, there are stiff penalties for owning a Pit Bull. No Pit Bulls are allowed in Ontario with the exception of those who were alive before August 2005 or born within 90 days of August 2005. That's the date the Ontario Government imposed a new lay outlawing the breed in the province.

Had the owner come forward, they could face a hefty fine and the dog would be issued to be put down.

The couple decided to call the local SPCA who in turn referred the couple to the local police.

The SPCA was ordered to pick up the dog and remove it. "Faith" was transported to the local shelter as Mallon tearfully looked on as the dog was taken away peacefully.

In all likelihood, the dog would be put down to comply with Ontario Laws.

Two days later, Kalena called the animal shelter to see if Faith had been claimed. She was told no and that time was not on the side of the pup. The SPCA said that it appears the dog was "dumped" and left to wander the streets.

Though Faith was initially at great risk of being killed, a rescue organization heard about her amazing story and spoke up to save her life.

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