Friday, July 8, 2011

Missing Dog's Reward Increased to $3,000

By Bianca Phillips, Memphis Flyer

On June 24th, Memphis Animal Services officer Demetria Hogan picked up two pit bulls that had escaped Brooke Shoup's backyard while she was at work. Shoup arrived at the shelter first thing the next morning to retrieve her dogs, but only her three-year-old dog Jersey was there.
Although Memphis Animal Services records show the missing dog, 11-year-old Kapone, was picked up, they have no record of Kapone being housed at the shelter. Originally, the Shoup family feared Kapone had been euthanized, but Public Services director Janet Hooks said records show he was never even processed into the facility.
Last week, the Shoup family offered a $1,000 reward for Kapone's return, and a few days later, a private citizen added another $1,000 to the total. That number was tripled yesterday when the No-Kill Advocacy Center added yet another $1,000. The total reward is now $3,000.
The Memphis Police Department is also investigating the shelter's security tapes. Anyone with any information on Kapone's whereabouts should call 901-528-0699.

Update July 13, 2011 - The following article is by Jason Miles, WMC:

Animal Control Officer arrested in missing dog case

Memphis police have arrested Demetria Hogan, an Animal Control Officer wanted on two charges of animal cruelty.

Hogan was arrested Wednesday morning, after authorities announced they were searching for her Tuesday night.

Before the arrest, dog owner Brooke Shoup said she was glad to hear police were making progress.

"It makes me feel like this is being taken seriously," said Shoup.

Witnesses said Hogan was the Memphis Animal Shelter employee who picked up Shoup's pit bull, Kapone, and another dog after the pair escaped the family's backyard in late June.

Only one of the dogs was located at the shelter.

"I would say it's possible that he was sold, stolen or sold," said Shoup.  "Especially since the last person who had contact with him was her, Demetria Hogan."

Shoup said Hogan actually showed up on her doorstep days after the family publicized Kapone's disappearance.

"She just pretty much said she took both dogs to the shelter," said Shoup.  "And I really didn't feel comfortable with this woman standing on my front porch with my children at home."
Hogan has an extensive criminal history and was hired at the shelter under the city's "second chance" program for convicted felons.

She became the focus of a Memphis police investigation last week after the Shoup family offered a $3,000 reward seeking information about Kapone.

"My ultimate goal is to bring Kapone home," said Shoup.


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