Monday, July 11, 2011

The nose that knows

By Zoe Lewis, Knox Leader

A DOG with a nose for adventure has sniffed out a collection of war medals - and now Boronia police want to return them to their rightful owner.
Jenny Hall was walking her son Daniel’s pit bull, Duke, near Hughes Park in Croydon on June 30 when he went sniffing around some bushes.
“He’s always going off and finding things,” she said.
“This time he ran off and found this plastic bag and he really sniffed at it.
“I was worried about what had been in there because it looked like it had been there for a while, but when I opened it there was a pair of sunglasses, a jumper and this container with the medals in it.”
Ms Hall believed the medals had been stolen and handed them in at Boronia police station the next day.
She hoped they could be returned to their rightful owner but said that, if no one claimed them in three months, she would donate them to a war museum or charity to be put on display.
Boronia Constable Nick Wust said it was important the medals were returned to their owner or a family member.
“There’s obviously a bit of history there for them and there’s a lot of sentimental value as well,” Constable Wust said.
If you think you know who the owner of the medals is, phone Boronia police on 9760 6600.

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