Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Winslow Township police: 46 pit bulls on vacant property to find new homes

By Joe Green, Gloucester County Times

Three South Jersey men allegedly involved in keeping dozens of pit bulls on a vacant property here have agreed to surrender them to the township, among other concessions, police announced on Wednesday.
Ivan Murray, 41, of Winslow, Darrell Murray, 33, of Sicklerville and Dannon Williams, 31, of Camden appeared in municipal court Wednesday on the matter.
Ivan Murray previously appeared in court July 6 to face citations alleging he was providing substandard housing to 37 dogs and 9 puppies on his vacant Norcross Road property.
Police said a house that had stood on the property previously burned down. Ivan Murray was also cited for having unlicensed and unaltered tethered dogs and not keeping the dogs behind a home as required by local ordinance.
Police later announced the New Jersey SPCA intended to file animal cruelty charges in the matter, although they didn’t specify whether Ivan Murray would be the person or the only person charged.
It also was not clear by presstime whether those charges were actually filed, or whether the concessions the three men made Wednesday were meant to avoid charges.
The pit bulls will remain on the Norcross Road property for now, but removing them from there - without supervision by township animal control officers, the New Jersey SPCA or a veterinarian - is prohibited.
Police also said the three men agreed to provide food, water, shelter and veterinary care for the dogs, and to help animal control officers find new homes for them.
Anyone interested in adopted any of the pit bulls should contact David Sharples or Lee Kavafes, both township animal control officers, at 609-561-3300 extension 1063.
Potential new owners will undergo screening, including veterinary references.
The Murrays and Williams are scheduled to appear again in municipal court Aug. 10 at 8:30 a.m. for a follow-up on the dogs’ placement.

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