Wednesday, August 3, 2011

14-Month-Old Girl Attacked by Dogs at Grandparents' Home


A 14-month-old girl was attacked by three dogs while at her grandparents' home in Portsmouth on Tuesday.
Two of the three dogs that attacked 14-month-old Kahtauna Cook are now quarantined at the Scioto County Animal Shelter for ten days.
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Once the owner's rights are terminated, the dogs will be destroyed.
The owner, Douglas Bowling, currently faces charges for having a vicious animal, but more charges are pending. He's due in court on Thursday.
"I've been an Animal Control Officer for 13 years and this is the worst dog bite case I've ever seen," said Wendy Payton, Animal Control Officer with the Portsmouth City Health Dept.
Cook was attacked by three pit bulls while at her grandparents' home. She suffered multiple severe bites from head to toe. She's at a hospital in Columbus where she underwent reconstructive surgery.
The animal control officer told that neighbors say the dogs have had a history of biting in the past, but no incidents were ever reported.

Update August 4, 2011 - The following article is by Carol Luper and Sean Rowe, WSYX:

Pit Bull Attack Case Continued

The owner of three pit bulls that savagely attacked a 14-month-girl, the owner’s grand-daughter, appeared in court Thursday to face charges, ABC6/Fox28 News’ Carol Luper reports.

Douglas Bowling faces charges of endangering children, failure to control a vicious animal and failure to insure regarding the dog attack that happened at this Portsmouth home this past Tuesday.

The case was continued until a later date. The pit bull owner has not been arrested.

Bowling’s three pits, named Hitler, Moo Moo and Tater, remained quarantined with Scioto County Animal Control.

His grand-daughter -- 14-month-old Kahtauna Cook – bears stitches all across her body, where the three dogs bit her repeatedly. On the day the attack happened, the toddler was rushed from Portsmouth to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus for extensive medical attention.

Cook suffered bad bites across her face, left arm and other parts of her body.

"The dog jumped over, grabbed her, pulled her back over and that's when the other two dogs started attacking," Cook’s mother, Janet Jones, told Luper on Wednesday.

They were visiting the grandparents when their three dogs attacked the child. The girl was crawling around on the floor when one of the dogs jumped over a barricade and attacked her. The two other pit bulls joined in.

Jones immediately tried to break up the dogs and save her daughter.

"When I leaned down to grab his collar, the other dog grabbed me in the face!," Jones said.

"I was scared to death. I thought they killed her. That's what I thought!"

Jones says the Scioto County dog warden came to Nationwide Chidlren’s to see her little girl Tuesday night.

“When she come up to the hospital, seen the baby, she started crying!”

Jones says she wants all three dogs put down.

“If not, they're gonna end up biting somebody else!”

Jones says she optimistic about her baby recovering from the physical and emotional trauma caused by the attack.

“She's gonna be fine. Me? I’m fine . I’ll be much better when the dogs get put down.”

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