Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2 Children Found In Cockroach-Infested, Filthy Home


Woman Arrested On Child Cruelty, Neglect Charges

Two children and five dogs were removed Tuesday from a Pompano Beach home where they were living in filth, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.
According to the arrest report, a neighbor called to the home in the 1700 block of Northeast 48th Court, reporting that dogs had been barking for about 12 hours.
Officers went to the home of Lindsay Wallin, 22, which they said looked abandoned and had an overgrown lawn covered in garbage. Wallin gave the officers permission to look around the back yard and inside her home.
In the back yard, the officers discovered a pit bull mix in a too-small cage, covered in fleas, lying in its own filth without any food or water. They also discovered three malnourished puppies with their ribs sticking out, with no food or water, and a fifth dog tethered to a tree in the yard without food, water or shelter, according to the report.
The officers took the dogs away, then proceeded to the house.
Inside the home, where a 5-year-old and a 6-month-old live with Wallin, officers said they discovered trash strewn around, no flooring, mold and several cockroaches. In the arrest report, police said the fridge was full of rotted food, and the room smelled "awful." The officers also said they found cockroaches in Wallin's bed and in a crib.
The children were taken into protective custody, and Wallin was arrested. She faces charges of cruelty toward a child, child neglect, abandonment and possession of cannabis.
Wallin's father, Jon Wallin, owns the home. The family blames the recent trouble on an ongoing feud with a neighbor, not neglect.
"It took one hour to clean the house," Jon Wallin said.
"So your position is that the house is not that dirty?" Local 10's Terrell Forney asked.
"No. It had some clutter, yes, but no," he said.

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