Saturday, August 13, 2011

Body found in Winter Haven

By Matthew Pleasant, The Lakeland Ledger

Devin Mobley found his dog digging Saturday morning in a lot behind his Florence Villa home.
The puppy tossed up dirt near something Mobley couldn’t quite see. He stepped closer. Flies swarmed and he smelled a wretched scent.
A swollen foot lay among the overgrown weeds.
“It was so unreal,” said Mobley, 29, as he caged his pit bull-terrier mix named Comere.
Winter Haven police said the dog discovered a body in the empty lot at 115 Ave. V N.W. that was possibly dumped there after a homicide this week.
Investigators blocked off Avenue V in front of the lot as they combed through weeds and interviewed neighbors. They have so far been unable to identify the body or even its gender.
“It will be a slow and tedious process until the scene is processed,” said Police Chief Gary Hester.
Neighbors around the lot said they hadn’t noticed anything unusual that would have alerted them to a homicide or someone dumping remains next door.
The lot is heavily trafficked by people cutting through the neighborhood, said longtime resident Mary Miller as detectives entered her home to interview relatives.
But usually the neighborhood is relatively quiet.
“Ain’t nobody get hurt up on this street,” Miller said.

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