Saturday, August 13, 2011

Boy bitten by dog at off-leash park

By Nick Gardiner, The Recorder & Times

Brockville Police are attempting to identify the owner of a boxer dog that bit and scratched a nine-year-old boy at the off-leash dog park near the Centennial Youth Arena.
Sgt. Al Ranger said police received a complaint Friday morning about an incident involving the dog which left the youngster with broken skin.
"The young lad is fine, other than being a little scratched up," said Ranger.
He said police are investigating but have not pieced together the details for release to the media.
On the other hand, he wanted people to be aware of the incident and stressed it involved a boxer and not a breed of pitbull.
"We are working with (Brockville) animal control in an attempt to identify the dog owner," said Ranger.
The Recorder and Times received a call late Friday morning from an upset woman named Dorothy who identified herself as the grandmother of the young victim.
She said the boy was being taken to their family physician for whatever treatment might be necessary to close the wound.
Dorothy said they were walking her dog at the park and her grandson was not doing anything to provoke the boxer, which attacked for no reason.
"The off-leash dog park is a good idea, but it's not for aggressive dogs."
She could not be reached later during the day for an update on the boy's condition.

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  1. the grandmother of the child incase sat on her ass no wheres near the kid that was upsetting the dog it says on the rules kids must always be with a adult not just go in sit on your ass and let every one else look after the kids that is what a baby sitter is for the grandmother was there a couple off days earlyier and refused to pick up her own dogs mess  hopefully she will never come back


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