Friday, August 19, 2011

A dog does not choose the situations he's put in

In France, actress and animal advocate Brigitte Bardot is being crucified, by some, for coming to the defense of Prince - or, Ulk - the bull terrier, or pit bull depending on the reporter, who, according to reports, mauled a 4-, or 7-, year-old girl, named Carmen, in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Carmen, my heart goes out to her, suffered serious injuries to her eyes, ears, nose and forehead. Reports state that she is disfigured for life.
The incident happened as Carmen lay sleeping, or while she was playing with Prince at a party.
It is also being said that Prince was sleeping on a couch when Carmen wanted to kiss him.
Her mother, who is understandably upset, says, "My daughter tells me every day that she looks like a monster."

Prince is 6- or 8- years-old, according to reports. He was adopted by "Johnny", three weeks before the attack, from the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA).
He had come to the shelter after his previous owner, a 60-year-old man, died of natural causes last autumn.
The man's death went undiscovered for two weeks, in which time Prince, then-named Ulk, turned to consuming portions of the body for survival.

Assessment's of Prince cleared him to go to a new home.
According to The Independent, the SPA advertised Prince for adoption on its website:
On the SPA website, Prince was described as "a good sort, easy to get on with", although it was not advised for people with families.
Another report states that Prince was purchased in a pet shop.

It is also referred to that "Johnny", upon adopting, or purchasing, brought along a "2 week old baby" when he picked up Prince.

Aside from the persecution of Ms. Bardot, the media is crucifying Prince.
At least one news source refers to Prince as "Monster of Boulogne."
Much of the hysteria involved is due to Prince's "eating his previous owner" and getting the "taste of blood."

"Johnny" and Carmen's parents are taking legal action against the SPA claiming they were not told of his previous form.
As of right now, I can only suppose that "form" is referring to eating the body of his previous owner. 

The SPA disputes the claim.

What do I think?

Prince, apparently, grew up with a single adult male.
Since the owner's death was not discovered for two weeks, it can be assumed that he and the dog lived a life of quiet solitude.
No children. Not much socialization beyond his owner.
Taking a dog raised in such an environment and thrusting him into a 'party' atmosphere or family situation is unconscionable.

I agree with Ms. Bardot and support her efforts to save Prince.

Prince is not a monster. He is a dog and has displayed normal dog behavior.
Waking a sleeping dog is one of the most common reasons for a dog biting. 

Saving the life of Prince does nothing to trivialize the injuries, physical and psychological, inflicted upon Carmen, and I wish her a speedy and full recovery.

Prince is no more dangerous than the people responsible for putting him in this situation.
Justice can be achieved for Carmen by holding those people accountable.

Let Prince live.

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