Monday, August 15, 2011

Dog Dumped, Left for Dead in Corridor of Cruelty

By Ned Hibberd, KRIV

It is a dumping ground for dead animals in northeast Houston, a zone dubbed the Corridor of Cruelty.
But volunteers recently found a sole survivor: a dog living among the carcasses.
They assume the pitbull-mix had been left for dead, perhaps dumped along with the half-dozen other dogs thought to be casualties of breeders or dog-fighting rings.
“Oh, it was terrible,” recalls Cindi Mayville, a volunteer with Corridor Rescue, Inc. “This was probably because there were so many bodies decomposing that the stench was just overwhelming, worse than anything I’ve ever smelled.”
Mayville helped rescue the dog, which was 20-pounds underweight and suffering from a broken leg.
The animal is now named “Polly” and she is recuperating with the help of Corridor Rescue, Inc., a non-profit whose volunteers patrol the worst animal-dumping sites in the corridor.


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  1. And surely the police know of this place??!?  And don't do stakeouts here, to catch these dog fighters/killers???????


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