Friday, August 5, 2011

Owner removes pit bulls from shed

From Lebanon Daily News

The owner of a shed in which four pit bulls were living on North 12th Street in Lebanon has voluntarily moved the dogs, city police Chief Dan Wright said Friday.
Word spread like wildfire on Facebook after photos and video were posted of the dogs living inside the shed. The page, "Lebanon PA Pit Bulls Living in a TIN CAN," stated the photos and video were taken by local residents who "have been trying to help these dogs for these past months and they have been bringing them food and water."
The Facebook pages of the Humane Society of Lebanon County, the Lebanon Daily News and other local media were inundated with hundreds of comments, requests for further investigation or demand for outright removal of the dogs. Some commenters said they even went as far as contacting the "Ellen Show," hosted by Ellen Degeneres.
Wright said, however, that multiple inspections by city police, the state dog warden and the Humane Society of Lebanon County's officer uncovered no violations of any laws, but the owner decided to move the dogs.
"We had received a complaint earlier this week," Wright said.
Inspectors found the dogs had food and water. The shed "meets all requirements set forth by the law," Wright said.
Nevertheless, the owner placed two dogs with relatives, put one in a crate inside his home and tied another one up in a shaded area of his yard, with food and water, Wright said.
The owner "voluntarily complied and rectified the problem," Wright said.
In response to the comments, the Humane Society of Lebanon County posted on their Facebook page that a police officer and supervising humane officer went back to the home Friday to continue their investigation.
The shelter commenter stated that the "owners were extremely cooperative and stated the officers could return for unannounced checks at any time. Your concerns are taken very seriously & we will continue to monitor the situation daily." 

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