Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pet owners react after dog, owner, and baby pepper-sprayed

By Lyle Fisher, News 1130

Started with a fight between a doberman and a pitbull

Many dog owners can be pretty protective with their pooches, but sometimes it can get out of hand.

News1130 is getting reaction from local pet owners after an incident in Surrey yesterday, where a pitbull owner and her baby were pepper sprayed.

It started off as a fight between a doberman and a pitbull on 132A Street. The owners then got involved, and that's when one took out the pepper spray. The pitbull, its owner, and her six-month-old baby were all hit by the spray but weren't seriously injured.

At Vanier Park, Jackie says she's had to break up fights between her dog, Dexter and other dogs. "I've had to pull off a couple of dogs. I just keep an eye on mine... I can see when something's about to happen. I just get in there. I usually pull the big one off."

She adds she's seen other dog owners get into loud arguments but they never escalate into anything violent.

Jackie feels the owner of the doberman should be charged.

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  1. I am the woman who's baby was peppersprayed.  There was no dog fight, my mastif/roti and a staffy that I was looking after ran up to his dog and when the doberman growled, the man pulled his dog back and the two dogs I had backed away.  I was not near the dogs at this time and this is NOT when he peppersprayed them.  He waited until I walked up with my 6 month old, then proceeded to ask if they were my dogs, and then pepperspray them.  My daughter was closer to him than the dogs were and therefore was sprayed even though the spray was not directed entirely at her.  The dogs were not near his dog at this point and this is why his dog was not peppersprayed.  He did this to cause harm and not to protect himself.  He is a coward as he walks around the neighbourhood with a cane, an aggressive dog, and a can of pepperspray and has threatened to beat other peoples' dogs with his cane for them being in their own front yard.  People need to get the story straight!


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