Monday, August 8, 2011

Pit bull attacks eight year old boy

By Hayley Cooper, AM 1150

 A Young Kelowna boy is recovering after being attacked by a pit bull.
 Zack Williams was visiting his neighbors home on Friday when their pit bull attacked the eight year old, puncturing his cheek and throat, both requiring stitches and gluing to close.
 Zach's mother Tamie says the same pit bull attacked a tiny dog four months ago.
 Tamie says she plans of contacting the Regional District of the Central Okanagan, saying laws that give owners the right to deny having their pit bulls destroyed need to be changed.
 "The main change we want is for by law officers to have more leeway in what they can do. The old english myth of a first bite needs to go. If that dog had been taken care of after the first incident, my son wouldn't be scarred for life."
 Tamie says as far as she's heard the owner has finally agreed to have the pit bull put down, possibly today.
 The Williams family is starting a facebook page called "Stricter Dog Laws in the Okanagan" and is encouraging people to join and share their stories.

Update August 8, 2011 - The following article is by Wayne Moore, Castanet:

Pitbull put down

The pitbull that attacked and bit an eight-year-old boy in West Kelowna has been put down.
Regional District Communications Coordinator, Bruce Smith, says the owners of the dog voluntarily surrendered the dog and signed the order on the weekend.
The dog was put down Monday afternoon.
Zach Williams was at a friend's house Friday night. Zach, eight, was petting the dog while the two were on a couch when the dog attacked.
The boy needed 40 stitches to close wounds in his cheek and throat.
While Tamie Williams is asking that Regional District bylaws be toughened, Smith says he believes the current bylaw is a good one.
Smith says the bylaw is fair and has the best interests of public safety in mind.
In a situation like this, Smith says one of two things can happen.
The owners can voluntarily surrender the dog and agree to have it put down or they can go to court and fight the request.
Smith says Williams is writing a letter to the RCDO's Dog Advisory Committee outlining her concerns.
"I encouraged her to do what she feels she needs to do," says Smith.
In 2010, Smith says 49 dog bites were reported. Border Collie/Cross were responsible for 5, Rottweiller/Cross and Australian Shepherds four each.
'Other' breeds were responsible for 23 bites.
The previous year, 63 bites were reported, 10 by Lab/Cross, seven by Rottweilers and three were attributed to Pitbulls.
"It comes down to responsible down ownership," adds Smith.
"The first step is getting your dog licensed. That shows you are taking ownership of that dog seriously."
Smith says dog owners need to be aware of their surroundings and aware that other people are around.
"You are responsible for the care and the control of your dog."

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