Monday, August 8, 2011

Pit bulls attack grandfather and his grandson

By Andrew Adams, KSL

Two pit bulls attacked a grandfather and his grandson as they were out walking a dog.
The grandfather, Lamont Kinder, and his grandson, Dominick Rangel, 6, were walking along the sidewalk with their Chihuahua near 100 East Herbert Avenue when two pit bulls started barking and running aggressively toward the fence. Somehow, the two dogs escaped and attacked Kinder and his grandson.
Teary-eyed as they spoke, the family said they will be scarred for life. They said Dominick had half of his ear taken off and had several bites to the stomach. Kinder also has several bites, including his ear nearly ripped off.
"He cared more about them than he did himself, so he got the worst of it," said his wife Georgia Kinder. "He loves animals and he doesn't think he'll ever stop and say high to dogs or vicious animals again."
Kinder will go in for reconstructive surgery Monday afternoon and Rangel will remain at Primary Children's Medical Center.
The family is unsure what to do next, but Rangel's mother, Melanie, said the owner of the two dogs should be cited.
Animal control appeared shortly after to impound the two pit bulls. The owner of the dogs was not home and all attempts to contact them have failed.
Nearby neighbors said the dogs were constantly barking, calling them "fence aggressive." However, none of them could recall anything like this happening before.

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