Monday, August 1, 2011


By Nichelle Polston, WMGM

In Cumberland County two dogs are said to be known to terrorize neighborhood cats, killing one last year.
Those same dogs have allegedly attacked again killing two cats.

Bridgeton resident James Livoti is extremely upset after two neighborhood dogs killed his two cats last week that lived on his back porch.

Livoti said, "What's got me so upset is these cats always stayed right here with me they didn't roam around on his property they didn't jump the fence if they did that would have been too bad but those pit bulls got out and for whatever reason they raced up here and saw those cats. And they didn't have a chance."

NBC 40 shot video of the two dogs accused of the attack, which isn't unusual to the S.P.C.A because officials say pit bulls are known for charging small animals like cats, but they also say these dogs have a bad reputation.

Cumberland County S.P.C.A Director Bev Greco said, "In general they actually are very friendly and they love people to the point where they are protective and this is what gets them in trouble."

Livoti said, "You are absolutely right any dog depending on how they are trained how they were brought up any dog can be vicious we understand that."

Meanwhile, the owners wouldn't talk much about the July 21st incident.

The dogs owner Christina Harris said, "At this point and time I'm between two separate attorneys and I don't know if it's in my best interest to talk to you."

However, since the attack, it's too early to say if Livoti will get another pet.

Livoti said, "I can tell you one thing it will not be outside if I do get another one it will stay inside."

The owners and area residents are set to appear in court on Tuesday on this matter.
While the pit bulls' owners refused to explain how the dogs got loose, they did say the dogs are very friendly around children and have been so for the past 8 years.

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