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Pitbulls Tortured and used as Bait

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Barbara Hannes has been a veterinarian for 16 years. In her entire career she has never seen a dog burned and battered as badly as the two dogs that recently came in to her clinic. Hannes says the Pitbull that was abused is one of the sweetest dogs she has met in her entire life. Over half of the dog’s body was burned, and the possibility of infection is creeping in fast. The dog also had its ears cut off.
Another female Pitbull was also brought in with similar injuries as the first. She also has a broken pelvis, her whiskers are singed off, and bite marks all over her body.
These dogs were found this week by a women in southern Brazos county. The dogs were close to her home. The police have no suspects or leads in the case.
Hannes owns Aggieland Animal Health Center, where the dogs are currently receiving care. She said she feels terrible inside for what’s been done to these dogs. “I just want to apologize on the behalf of humanity,” said Hannes.
Despite being in brutal condition the younger dog still jumps up and starts wagging its tail when humans were present.
Hannes believes these dogs were what dog fighting rings called “bait dogs.” Bait dogs are dogs used to train other dogs to be more vicious when fighting. She determined this because of their temperament.
The female dog, which they named Esperanza, could have her injuries treated at Hannes animal clinic. The other dog, which they named Vici, was in worse shape the Esperanza. He could not be treated at Hannes animal clinic, he needed medical attention that would cost thousands of dollars.
Just when they thought that all hope was lost for Vici, they received astounding news. Texas A&M veterinarian school agreed to take in Vici and pay for his medical expenses.

Update August 18, 2011 - The following article is by Rashi Vats, KBTX:

Pit bulls Possibly Involved In Dog Fighting Are Stable

Doctors say a mother and puppy pit bull, that are fighting for their lives after being left for dead near College Station, are in stable condition.
Doctors believe the two dogs were involved in dog fighting. Since we aired the story, there's been a tremendous outpouring of support from the community.
"He is surviving. He's a pretty tough little guy. Nice dog. Very nice dog. It's gone through a lot the last few days," said Dr. James Barr with the Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital.
The 6-month-old puppy was expected to die within hours if he didn't get emergency surgery. Fortunately he got the surgery overnight at the Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital thanks to the community's support with donations.
"I immediately started sharing the story on Facebook. I called my parents, they wanted to donate. I started to donate. I called my friends. Anyone that could help that could donate," said April Plemons who donated money to help the dogs.
More than $3,000 have been raised in less than 24 hours. Doctors say the phone calls and donations haven't stopped throughout the day.
Dr. Barr believes lighter fluid might have been used to burn the puppy and his mother. She's still recovering at the Aggieland Animal Heath Center.
With all they've gone through, the dogs haven't given up their positive spirit.
"These are good dogs. I mean even sedated and in a lot of pain, you talk to this guy and he starts wagging his tail," said Dr. Barr.
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