Thursday, August 4, 2011

Police Taser dog after it bites 78-year-old woman

By Rona Proudfoot, The Chronicle-Telegram

Lorain police had to Taser a pitbull after it attacked a woman Tuesday afternoon and then acted aggressively toward an officer, according to a police report. That dog and a second dog that was malnourished were both removed from the home.
The dog’s owner, Danny Hembree, was not home at the time but was cited with dog at large and vicious dog without registration.
Police were called to 1019 W. First St. a little before 3 p.m. after a woman said the neighbor’s dog bit her in the thigh while she was mowing grass.
The 78-year-old woman, who was taken to Mercy hospital to have the bite checked out, told officers she was able to scare the dog off with the lawn mower, the report said. She said the dog ran back into the yard of its home at 217 Hamilton St. The two homes are separated by a few rocks and a small creek, which the dog can easily cross, the report said.
As the woman was showing an officer where the attack occurred, the dog began barking and approaching aggressively, the report said.
An officer used his Taser on the dog, but the dog ran off and could not be located once the dog warden arrived, the report said. The dog warden removed another dog from the home because it was malnourished, the report said.
The pit bull later returned and has been placed in quarantine for 10 days, the report said.
Hembree will have to provide a dog license and proof of insurance for the pit bull to get it back after the 10 days, the report said. Hembree is due in court Tuesday.

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