Friday, August 26, 2011

Postal Service once again deliverying mail to Phoenix neighborhood


The Postal Service is once again delivering to the area around 28th Street and McDowell Road in Phoenix.
Earlier in the week they were worried about their carriers being bitten by stray dogs in the area.
Julie Utley with the U.S. Postal Service in Phoenix commented on the matter Friday.
"The carrier was out delivering mail and noticed that there were some stray dogs in the area," Utley said. "Out of the eight animals that were stray, or running around, four of them were pitbulls.
"The carrier felt threatened. We train them in a situation where they feel threatened by an animal that they are to stop delivery, contact a supervisor and the supervisor will notify animal control."
The post offices' theory is people are taking their unwanted animals to this area and dumping them.
The area has been a problem in the past.
"That day that carrier did not get bitten, but back in May there was a carrier that had been bitten once in that area and then was treated," Utley said. "In that area alone we've had three dog bites year to date."
If mail suddenly stops being delivered to your area it's recommended you contact the post office and they will make arrangements with you to ensure you receive your mail.

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