Sunday, August 14, 2011

"There are hundreds of breeds of dogs that are great pets but don't attack humans"

"There are hundreds of breeds of dogs that are great pets but don't attack humans".

That is a quote from Paul Mulshine, a "professional" journalist for the Star-Ledger. (You can read the full article here:

In the comments section of the article, I had a back-and-forth with him:

"There are hundreds of breeds of dogs that are great pets but don't attack humans."

Name one.

7pitowner: Chihuahuas.

Chihuahua attacks boy in Springfield Township, IN

"... the Chihuahua was on a retractable leash and that her son Owen was riding by on a bicycle at the time of the animal attack. The dog jumped up as he rode by the table and latched on to the boy's lip. She claims that the dog actually hung on her son's lip until it tore off completely."

Try again.

7pitowner: You forgot to include the obituary information for that chihuahua victim. When was the funeral? You know, the ceremony they hold for people attacked by pit bulls.


Let's not take the focus off of your original statement:

"There are hundreds of breeds of dogs that are great pets but don't attack humans."

This is, quite simply, a false and misleading statement.
A more factual statement would be that there are tens of millions of dogs, pit bulls included, that are great pets and don't attack humans.

If an 8-lb. Chihuahua can rip off a lip, what would you expect an 80-lb. dog could do? Or a 125-lb. dog?

"...despite all evidence to the contrary, that their dogs aren't dangerous and shouldn't be banned"

What evidence do you have that my dogs are dangerous? Or the MILLIONS of other pit bulls that live, will live, or have lived their entire lives without hurting anyone or anything?
The only irrefutable evidence you offer is that the individual dogs mentioned/linked to in your article are/were dangerous.
When a journalist gets busted for plagiarism or lying does that make all journalists plagiarists and liars?

"I hereby propose instead of a ban we pass a law requiring heavy jail time for anyone whose dog maims or kills a human"

I'm with you 100% on this one.
Include harsh penalties for owners that allow their dogs to attack other dogs or animals, owners that let their dogs run at large, owners that fail to license and vaccinate their dogs, and those owners that neglect or abuse their dogs.
I'd also like to see certain individuals prohibited from owning dogs that are known to grow to a weight of more than 20 lbs., some prohibited from owning dogs at all, and still others from owning any animal.

I do not believe, Mr. Mulshine, that you are uninformed, but you are ill-informed and you're passing on information that is as well.

7pitowner: You seem to have a problem with logic. If I say pit bulls are on average more dangerous than other dogs that's like saying Americans are on average taller than the Chinese. It doesn't mean every American is taller than every Chinese person. Similarly pit bulls are on average more dangerous than other dogs. If you can't handle such basic logic, then you are revealing the faulty thought process of the typical pit-bull owner. As for the rest of us, we have no interest in experiencing extra risk because of your fetish.

"If I say ... pit bulls are on average more dangerous than other dogs."

IF you said.
You didn't, though.
What you said was that there are hundreds of dog breeds that do not attack humans.

When someone says "Pit bulls seem to be the only dogs that attack", then that is a valid statement based on the perception of the viewer.
When someone says "Pit bulls are the only dogs that attack", then that is outright false.

Yours is outright false.

7pitowner: Your comment was deleted for distorting what I wrote. Either cite my actual words or do not quote me.

Paul Mulshine apparently cannot comprehend that he has written a false statement.

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  1. Luckily if people get attacked by dogs, injury lawyers are there to help. And even more luckily, most dog attacks are not fatal, the dog bite being less germy than a human bite.


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