Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unchain dogs in Carrboro

By Mary Pearse, from The Carrboro Citizen

I am surprised that an enlightened burg like Carrboro, the Paris of the Piedmont, is still allowing dogs to be chained day in and day out in this brutal weather.
I am a Meals on Wheels volunteer who witnesses dogs in appalling situations, chained in the unrelenting heat from morning ‘til night, day in and day out sometimes without water. I have Carrboro Animal Control logged into my cell phone but the officer’s only recourse is to go to the house and tell the dog owners that they must give the dog water and the reception he gets is not altogether friendly.
There is a big old pit bull with a pad lock on his heavy chain collar and a heavy chain attached to the collar. He has obviously seen some unpleasant “action” as he is quite covered with scars.
I have not only called Animal Control in Carrboro but also in Chapel Hill to see if I could get some help for this suffering animal.
Carrboro presents itself as an enlightened community. Come on Carrboro, prove it. How the heck did they get an exemption from the no chain law for Orange County?

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