Monday, August 1, 2011

Woman is charged with animal torture in case where dog's ear was cut off with a butcher knife

By Julie Banovic, WXYZ

Viewers donate money for skin graft surgery

A Detroit woman accused of chopping her neighbor's dog's ear off with a butcher knife is being charged with animal torture.
The charges against 35-year-old Veronica Garcia include animal killing/torture, possession of brass knuckles, aggravated stalking, and assault and battery.
Garcia allegedly beat the pitbull with brass knuckles and then went back into her home for a butcher knife and cut the dog's ear off.
Witnesses say the dog named Vera, escaped from her owner's yard and attacked Garcia's rooster and that's what enraged the neighbor.  The dog died later that evening.
Veternarians were not able to reattach the ear and sewed gauze to the dog's ear to cover the exposed skull.  They were also hoping the skin might regenerate itself since Vera's owner could not afford the skin graft survgery.
Since the incident, Caroline Kosino had been taking the dog to the vet's office daily for $50 visits to redress the wound.
Since the story aired, viewers have donated enough money to help Kosino get the surgery that Vera needs.  Over 500 people donated just over $5,000.
Kosino took Vera in to the animal hospital this morning for their first surgery consulation.

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  1. The dog didn't die - the rooster did! 


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