Monday, August 8, 2011

Woman Says Puppy Killed After She Refused Sex With Boyfriend

By Tihanna McCleese & Kathy Paez, KTXL

An argument between Charlotte Greene and her 30-year-old boyfriend Daniel Baxter ended tragically inside a Stockton apartment Sunday morning.
Greene's puppy Feisty, a two-month-old red nose pitbull was thrown against a wall so hard, vets had to put it down. Stockton Police say it was Baxter who did it.
Still shaken up over the incident, Charlotte could barely speak as she gave FOX40 News her account.
At 5 this morning she says Baxter came to her home drunk demanding sex, when she refused, he went after the baby pit bull.
"He woke her too hard, punched her and threw her against the wall. I told him stop and then ran to the bathroom and started crying," says Greene.
Broken ribs, bruises and a broken jaw left Feisty unable to walk. Greene says Daniel called paramedics  for help but police showed up instead.
Police did escort Charlotte and Feisty to an emergency veterinarian, but the puppy suffered such severe brain trauma she had to be put down.
The woman can’t replace her pup, but she did have a message for her now ex-boyfriend.
"I just want him to get help, like anger management or program for him to stop drinking."
Baxter is facing a charge of animal cruelty. He is also facing parole violation charges and is ineligible for bail.


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