Monday, August 15, 2011

Woman Says Vicious Dogs Are Terrorizing Neighborhood

By Amanda Hara, WTVF

An East Nashville woman said her family is being held captive in their own home by a pack of vicious dogs.
Animal Control has been called apparently more than once. Fhonda Jones said agency officials told her that in just one week, they got 50 complaints about the dogs.

"They are pit bulls and a German Shepard and they look like they've been violently trained by the way they act so viciously," Jones said.

Jones said two of the dogs seemed to be getting loose from a nearby home, and that the other must be a stray.  She said animal control already had to euthanize another dog that this pack apparently killed in her back yard.
Jones said her two small grandchildren who live in the home have been chased and attacked multiple times, and she's worried for her family.
"That they will be bitten that they will be attacked or even killed," she said.
Across the street, leaders of the Magness-Potter Community Center were also concerned for the 40 children who use the after school program each day.

"We do have some stray dogs in the neighborhood that's keeping the kids on edge back and forth to the community center and what I'm doing to be proactive is having a different route for the kids to come,"Director Carlos Lowe said.
Jones said Animal Control left several traps to catch the dogs, but only neighborhood cats were caught inside.

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