Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Moron Reporter: John Monk of The State (South Carolina)

Over the past three weekends there have been a rash of thefts of pit bulls from the Columbia, South Carolina Animal Shelter.
If that's not bad enough, we have another know-it-all reporter pushing pit bulls as a "fierce breed" in his write-up of the story.
I left a comment on the article, which you can read here, and, of course, it has been deleted.
I simply wrote:

"fierce breed"
John Monk is, apparently, uneducated and an idiot.

Mr. Monk probably feels that my statement is derogatory and incorrect and therefore removed it from the comments.
That didn't, however, stop him from making derogatory and incorrect - as well as inflammable - remarks maligning pit bull dogs.

When you read the article, you'll read where it states: "... made off with five more of the breed popularly known as among the most fierce of canines."
The original article, which I commented on, stated: "... made off with five more of the fierce breed."

Lest you think I lie, here is a screenshot of the original article courtesy of Yahoo! cache:

Read more here:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dear McDonalds

What a shame.
I really did like the new Chicken McBites.
I enjoyed having coffee with my partner each and every morning at our local McDonalds while we discussed the days upcoming business.
My dogs enjoyed two, sometimes three, double cheeseburgers a week - each.
Your ad stating that McBites are safer than "petting a pit bull" just ended these enjoyments.
I have to question your thinking. I buy 14-21 burgers a week for my dogs alone. Do you seriously think that no one else buys for their dogs? Unbelievable.
I've read that you've pulled the ad and apologized, but in no way is that enough.
I, for one, will no longer patronize your restaurants unless and until I see an ad from you that is more befitting to the true, proper image of pit bulls, not just the sensationalistic views that are reported in the media.
In addition, I want to see a public donation to a pit bull rescue group or foundation to support the already discriminated-against dogs that you just helped to denigrate.
Until then ... adios.