Sunday, January 6, 2013

How are pit bulls playful and vicious

Every now and then you get a peek into the mind of someone when seeing their search terms.

Today, someone arrived at this blog when they searched "how are pit bulls playful and vicious".

It leads me to believe that the person searching believes all "playful" pit bulls are vicious, and all "vicious" pit bulls are playful. In other words, all pit bulls are vicious.

Pit bulls, like people, have individual personalities. Some are happy-go-lucky, some are mean, some are fearful, some "strut their stuff". Again, like people, their individuality runs the gamut from couch potato to hyperactive, from love everything to hate everything, from Mother Theresa to Adolph Hitler.

Many visitors to this blog are aware of the "vicious" pit bulls because it is those that get the greatest attention in the media, just as the "vicious" people do.

While some good people, being people, get varyingly little amounts of publicity, good pit bulls, being dogs, get extremely less.

Are you a good person? When is the last time the media reported on you?

Sharky, the pit bull pictured above, is one of the good pit bulls, the majority of pit bulls by the way, that gets a little attention in the media now and then thanks to the hard work of his loving owner. I'll bet, however, that most people reading this have never heard of him.

Check out Sharky, his owner, and his many animal friends on YouTube, then remember that more pit bulls are nearer to his demeanor than to the one you read about in the news today.

Even more imporant to remember is that as a pit bull owner, YOU make the difference in the dog!

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