Friday, June 28, 2013

Puppy attacked by roaming pit bulls in Happy Valley

By Erica Nochlin, from KATU

Happy Valley, OR

A puppy in Happy Valley was attacked and nearly killed by a pair of loose pit bulls, and neighbors and officials say it was just one of several attacks by the two dogs in recent years.

On Thursday, the pit bulls were being quarantined at home and under close supervision until the owners were scheduled to appear in court next week.

The 1-year-old dog, Tellulah, was bit on the throat, stomach and legs before someone managed to pull the dogs off. It happened Saturday on Southeast 140th and Portland View Place, not far from where the dogs live.

According to reports, the owners said they accidentally left the fence open and that's how the dogs got out.

Animal Control officers and neighbors said the owners of the pit bulls have a history of not locking the dogs up. The owners are on probation because of an attack last year, meaning they violated terms of their probation by letting the pit bulls loose this past weekend.

What’s more, Tellulah’s owner said the same pit bulls have “charged at her in the past,” according to an incident report.

Other neighbors are just as concerned.

“Why wouldn’t it attack a human if it attacks a dog, especially since so many kids (are) out here. Kinda scary,” neighbor Erica Semenyuk said.

In November, another neighbor reported seeing a man “pushed to the ground with two pit bulls mauling him and his dog,” according to the incident report. Other complaints date back to 2010.

Until the court hearing next week, an animal control officer will make daily checks on the pit bulls to ensure they’re inside the home and not roaming free.

We went to the home of the pit bulls’ owner, but the owners weren’t there. A family member wouldn’t let us in, but insisted the dogs were upstairs.

Animal control officers said the pit bulls' owners are cooperating with the investigation and have paid victims’ vet bills in the past. Both dogs are licensed and have had rabies shots.

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