Saturday, January 31, 2015

A bag full of crazy

Any dog, for the most part, is truly a reflection of its owner.

A dog in a stable environment with stable people will, with few exceptions, be a stable dog. The same is true for the opposite. A dog in an unstable environment with unstable people will, again with few exceptions, be an unstable dog.

BSL advocates would like you to believe that any dog coming from specific breeds will be unstable regardless of the stability of its environment and caregivers. It is my firm belief that the vast majority of BSL proponents are unstable people, with this belief being based on their rambling "pit bulls are the devil" and "pit bulls are out to get me so I always carry a (add your weapon of choice here)" writings.

To be fair, pit bull advocates also have more than their fair share of unstable members, and far too many owners are unstable people. This is evident by the stories we read near-daily of loose dogs creating havoc while roaming, dogs being used as weapons, dogs found abandoned, neglected, abused.

One story that recently came to my attention contains the best, or worst, of both worlds, and confirms for me, once again, that it is the owners who make the dog.

Self-proclaimed pit bull-hater, Pamela Kafir Farm Liner, recently appeared in Judge Judy's "courtroom" after filing a lawsuit against a neighbor whose pit bull dog allegedly killed her goats.

I haven't been able to find any info on the dog's owner, but allowing the dog, or dogs, to roam free, does not speak favorably of them. Nor does the fact that they chose to appear on Judge Judy, which isn't too far removed from a Jerry Springer-type television show. How many of these program's guests would you consider to be "stable?"

And Liner? She claims to have owned and rescued pit bulls for more than 30 years -- thirty! -- before "switching sides" because ALL the pit bulls she has had became "unpredictable and attacked unprovoked."

Is Liner, herself, unstable? I don't need to wait for Judge Judy to give me a ruling:

And there you have it.

While my dogs, some of the pit bulls that I have owned and cared for for 25 years that have harmed nothing, sleep peacefully beside me, my beliefs are reinforced.

And, of course, BSL advocates still don't want you to believe it.


  1. a pinch of common senseJanuary 31, 2015 at 3:56 PM

    oh but there is no correlation between the mindset of those who stereotype dogs and racial bigotry against people...

  2. There is also no correlation between a total dog hater and one that cares for dogs. The woman in question above is a total dog hater and part of the insane group that wants to eradicate all of our dogs. Those people are crazy and all belong in a state mental hospital someplace. So she won on Judge Judy. BFD.


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